"I don't know where else I would go for the help," explains Deborah Randolph of Randolph and Lark Ltd. (makers of decorative tabletop pottery). "We didn't know how to find the right reps, the time to research was endless. We weren't having much success and had a good deal of rep turnover. When my partner, Isabel Lark, and I saw the MRP ad, we responded."

"Roger Wilson sounded just like what we needed. He was able to show us we were not approaching reps correctly, or motivating properly, or following through. We now have far less turnover and we're doing 2 1/2 times more in sales. Without a doubt, we would recommend MRP. The national program assured us of not missing a territory and we really needed the consulting services MRP provides," she adds.

When asked how Deborah Randolph would describe Roger Wilson, she promptly replies, "He has follow-through and personal integrity beyond reproach. He's a real jewel!"

At TLC Greetings (a division of McCall Pattern), executive Gary Meidinger refers to Roger Wilson as "A matchmaker. He matches the product to the appropriate rep." How did TLC discover MRP 16 months ago?? "We responded to a flyer sent by Roger." The best part is recognizing immediate increases in sales and profits. MRP is IDEAL for a new company because it eliminates searching and directs you to the proper group of reps. It's very timesaving! Gary made it clear that TLC got more in service than they expected. "We were able to choose from 10 prospects for each region…and they were ranked by who to contact first. All were better than what we had working for us before we used the MRP", reports this TLC exec, "and the good news is, they're still on board. Roger Wilson has a wealth of knowledge, and what's nice is, he stays in touch and is always eager to pitch in. He's rather like a partner in our efforts!"

Darlene Zibell of Special Things in Minnesota also saw the ad in Giftware News. Suffering from the wrong rep syndrome, she sent for info and today believes it

was one of the best business moves she has made. She is pleased to report that most of the reps she retained are still on.

What stands out in Zibell's mind? "The follow-through is great. Roger calls frequently to see how we're doing. He's one of a kind and has real clout in the industry."

Special Thanks manufactures lace covered baskets with music boxes and first used MRP in three regions. Success forced the company to go national!

Don Harley of Designer Selections in Minnesota says years ago he repped a line that brought him in contact with Roger Wilson.

"Now in my own business I decided to touch base with him and was impressed with the service his literature described. Our company sells inspirational products in the religious market, however, in expanding to the secular market we needed help. MRP provided it. I could work on a select region basis that made sense, was time saving and gave effective results. I would subscribe again in a minute!"

Harley emphasized that he knows of no other service as detailed as MRP, stating , "We got eight to ten profiles in each territory – a real wealth of info. It would be difficult to achieve this on our own." And how would this Designer Selections exec describe Roger Wilson?? "He's a good salesman, has great integrity and I admire how he conducts his business."

At Calligraphy Collection, reports Allen Fisher, "Signing up with MRP was the best business investment I made. We had two great reps but the others weren't good. Our efforts to find the right reps were difficult. It was frustrating. MRP was the solution." In business seven years, we've seen flat sales triple! Without question, Allen attributes the success to Roger Wilson. Allen has an MBA in marketing but he never learned what Roger taught him! He says Roger's a naturally positive person. "He's excited about business and finds it fun. It's like he's on our board of directors. He's at my side and gives well thought out ideas. I'm very happy!"

If a manufacturer is not satisfied with a rep he's hired who is not doing well with their line, MRP will conduct a second computer search to satisfy the client's needs. With a database of rep profiles representing product lines from general and better giftware to electronics, housewares, bathware, collectible, toys, tabletop, office supplies, super markets, drug chains, wholesale clubs, sporting goods, auto & truck aftermarket, hardware, home building centers, home centers and more.
Wilson says he is ready to conquer the "wrong rep syndrome in the '90's."

As we head into a decade with marketing challenges greater than ever before…your time is more valuable than ever. If you're looking for less gray hairs and prettier profits you may just want to call Roger Wilson.